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Tekena USA LLC



Our management team and staff have gained over 80 collective years of knowledge, expertise and experience in the specification and supply of particle removal solutions to a wide range of markets throughout the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

Today our focus is on working with customers across the region and all markets to eliminate production issues caused by unwanted particles.  Additionally we provide recyling solutions via the re-coating of rollers, and also to the lighting disposal industry to maximize efficiency of material usage and reduce costs and landfill requirements.



Centrally located in Illinois, USA, we manufacture products in our dedicated production facilties to a continous improvement lean discipline. We also partner with external companies in USA, Europe and Asia who manufacture products to our customer specifications. Thus we are able to provide products at competitve market pricing whilst not compromizing on product quality, delivery or performance. Focusing on the elimination of waste and maximising the usage and cost effieciency of materials, we have extended our activities to include premium re-cycling technology for light bulbs. At Tekena, we continue to work diligently to develop products that keep in pace with process and material developments in the 21st century.




At Tekena, we maintain a fervent belief in constant analysis of the markets we serve, and the basic premise of listening to customers as they explain their needs. This has resulted in our offering what we believe is the greatest flexibility in technology, choice, design and price of particle removal solutions in the market. While

maintaining strict focus on delivering high quality, robust, reliable, high performance solutions to customers, our goal is simply to provide customers the best value with regard to a price:performance ratio and as such the lowest cost of ownership for particle removal solutions.   

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