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Hand Rollers (Product order code: DCRT)


Our wide range of hand-held manual particle removal rollers (PRR) is available in the following formats:


Range of effective cleaning widths - 6" (150mm), 12" (300mm)

Type of handle - High tensile plastic with ergonomic design, Aluminum with ergonomic design

Range of Particle Removal Roller Compounds - High Durometer, Medium Durometer, Soft Durometer, Silicon-Free


Adhesive Tacky Pads (Product order code: Tacky Pads)


We supply Adhesive Tacky Pads direct from our inventory. We supply packs of 5 (five) Pads, each with a guaranteed 50 (fifty) sheets. Tekena Pads are made in USA. 


Alcohol Wipes (product order code: Tekena Wipes)


We supply cleaning wipes that are pre-saturated during manufacture with a controlled mix of alcohol and de-ionized water. The wipes are used to clean the particle removal rollers and maintain excellent original cleaning effectiveness. The wipes can also be used as a general cleaning medium.







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