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Lamps of all types potentially reach the end of their life and have to be changed out. In larger organizations this can eventually require the disposal of hundreds of lamps of many variances in nature from simple bulb type to fluorescent tube. Typically these lamps are collected by external contractors to be disposed of or re-cycled.


The Solution:


Products from Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems are designed to deliver maximum return on investment for the large-scale disposer or re-cycler of lamps. Evey day, Balcan products deliver clean, efficient, environmentally-friendly re-cyling of lamps to organizations across North America.


Customer Testimonial:


“I am pleased to give you our thoughts on the Balcan MP4000 lamp recycling plant. This plant is the most advanced recycling technology on the market to date. We can crush all straight fluorescent lamps, U-Tubes, HID lamps and M.H Lamps in this system. Mercury Phosphor powder is separated from the glass and drawn off into the Activated carbon filter and captured into 2 x 210 litre drums. The end caps are captured into a separate container for resale, and the glass is captured into a 210 litre drum and can be used for drainage or the manufacture of new lamps.


The MP4000 Plant is very easy to operate and at minimal cost. We are very pleased with its performance and highly recommend it to other interested parties. We know that you will not be disappointed with this piece of equipment if purchased.”


Dana Emmerson

Vice President


Nova Scotia, Canada








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