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Benefits of Tekena as a solution provider



Product Quality Improvement:


By permanently removing unwanted particles from the product being processed and / or rollers within the production line, the quality of the product will be significantly improved. This is due to the fact that the reduction of particles will mitigate any opportunity for particles to be present on the product which could cause imperfections or processing problems.


Increased Efficiency of Materials Used in the Process:


By permanently removing unwanted particles from the product being processed and / or rollers within the production line, all materials used in the process will be utilized with increased efficiency (or significantly less costly waste). This includes the substrates, the inks / coatings etc, power supply, and the production line itself.  


Permanent Removal of Particles from the Production Process:


Tekena products permanently remove particles from the materials and / or rollers within the production line eliminating any risk of their being re-deposited at some other point in the production area.


Enables Detailed Process Analysis:


All particles collected by Tekenas' products can be analyzed in great detail to determine their source and enable  proess management control measures to be incorporated to reduce or eliminate the risk of unwanted particles being in the process for future production. 


Productivity Yield Improvement:


The delivery of the benefits laid out above from one single source of particle removal (the Tekena Particle Removal product) lead to greatly enhanced Production Yield from the materials and time utilized. This results in real reduced costs and real return to the bottom line in the form of profit.


Rapid Return On Investment (ROI):


All of the benefits detailed above commence from the very first instant in which Tekena products are utilized. As such, the return on investment (ROI) realized by Tekena products can be extremely short when measured by relevant accepted industry norms of 12 months to 2 years. Tekena customers have documented and reported ROI timescales measured by weeks and months, with 3-6 months being very typical.


Flexibility of Particle Removal Solutions:


We offer a wide range of solutions that cater for the broad diversity of industry sectors, materials and processes that make up our long-standing customer-base. Regardless of application, the flexibility of our product range ensures that we have a high quality, robustly engineered, and cost effective solution that is 'proven' across many industry sectors throughout the region.


Expertise of our team:


All employees at Tekena have a wealth of knowledge and experience in relevant processes and applications throughout the industries that we supply, gained over many years of supporting customers and delivering particle-removal solutions.


Supply of Parts for Tekena equipment, and also for other manufacturers' equipment:


In addition to our absolute commitment to support our products at all times throughout the region, in some cases we are the only provider of parts for equipment supplied by another manufacturer, and who no longer support their products.


Made in the USA:


We are committed to maintaining a local manufacturing and supplier base for our fast-moving consumable products and to preserving jobs in the region. 


Price to Performance Ratio:


By ensuring that we take the time to fully listen to customers and to fully understand the application and desired outcomes, we provide the most cost-effective solution from a wide range of products. Our commitment is always to provide customers with a performance from our technology that rapidly erodes the purchase pice and delivers a long-term and expanding return on investment (ROI). 

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