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Supply of Particle Removal Rollers for existing products


There are a large number of Contact Cleaning Machines and Hand Rollers in the marketplace which could be many years old, but which operate flawlessly mechanically. However it may be that the contact particle removal rollers are worn or damaged. Simple replacement of these rollers will provide excellent particle removal for many more years.


In addition to the supply of complete roller assemblies, we provide a quick turn-around Roller Re-Coating service.


For companies wishing to replace the rollers, Tekena will be pleased to provide this service not only for Tekena products, but also for other manufacturers' products. We supply a wide range of rollers to include silicon-free and static-management formulations.


To receive a quotation for Tekena High-Performance Particle Removal Rollers please call 847 290 8250, or e mail






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