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The Tekena TDRC delivers 'Just in Time' removal of unwanted particles when integrated in a production line prior to a particle-sensitive process. 


Requiring NO Adhesive Rolls, particles are collected and permanently removed from the process by a series of High Performance Rollers.


By removing the need for Adhesive Rolls in the process, the TDRC eliminates issues present in Adhesive Roll systems such as vibration, bearing-erosion, paper-dust, loss of cleaning (dust streak) in the gap caused by two Adhesive Rolls being 'butted up together' and the need for air shafts for the mounting of the Adhesive Rolls and which require periodic deflation / inflation.


For high-speed applications up to and beyond 2000ft/min, the elimination of the Adhesive Roll delivers far greater stability of equipment and eliminates 'vibrations' which can significantly reduce particle removal performance and potentially lead to damaged parts. For a demonstration of this, please see the video below.


The TDRC utilizes precision engineered particle removal rollers that are silicone-free, contain static-management properties that resist any additional build-up of static charge on the web, and can permanently remove particles to the nano level (sub-micron).


The TDRC is supplied as both single and double-sided equipment in sizes ranging from 40" (1000mm) to 156" (4000mm) effective material cleaning width.








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