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Pre-Sheeted Adhesive Tacky Rolls (Product order code: ARS)


We supply Pre-Sheeted Adhesive Tacky Rolls direct from our manufacturing facility in Illinois. We supply packs of 4 (four) Rolls, each with a guaranteed 68 (sixty-eight) sheets. We supply the following formats:


1.5" diameter, up to 59" (1500mm) wide

3" diameter up tp 59" (1500mm) wide

6" diameter up to 59" (1500mm wide)


Other sizes are available upon request.


All Tekena Adhesive Tacky Rolls are made in USA using materials sourced and manufactured solely in the USA. 


Hand Rollers (Product order code: DCRT)


Our wide range of hand-held manual particle removal rollers is available in the following formats:


Range of effective cleaning widths - 6" (150mm), 12" (300mm)

Type of handle - High tensile plastic with ergonomic design, Aluminum with ergonomic design

Range of Particle Removal Roller Compounds - High Durometer, Medium Durometer, Soft Durometer, Silicon-Free


Adhesive Tacky Pads (Product order code: Tacky Pads)


We supply Adhesive Tacky Pads direct from our inventory. We supply packs of 5 (five) Pads, each with a guaranteed 50 (fifty) sheets. Tekena Pads are made in USA. 


Alcohol Wipes (Product order code: Tekena Wipes)


We supply cleaning wipes that are pre-saturated during manufacture with a controlled mix of alcohol and de-ionized water. The wipes are used to clean the particle removal rollers and maintain excellent original cleaning effectiveness. The wipes can also be used as a general cleaning medium.







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